Professionele boomverzorging

We understand that in addition to our tree vision, finances play an important role in your decision whether to award us a contract. That is why we offer our specialism at competitive rates.

The cost of working with and around trees depends on many different factors. Some of the most important are listed below: 

Dropzone – how much room is there for branches to fall?

Tree format and work type – how big is the tree, and what kind of work is being carried out exactly?

Accessibility tree – how accessible is the tree and how long will it take us to set up our equipment?

Risk – tree care is dangerous work, are there circumstances that make the work in the tree extra risky?

Dispose of waste – do you dispose of the waste yourself, or do we do it?

Due to the large number of factors that influence the price, it is necessary to calculate a price for each situation separately. With smaller trees this can sometimes be done on the basis of a photo, but in other cases the situation must be assessed in real life. A (written) non-binding offer will then be drawn up and shared with you.

We do charge a fixed price for a tree inspection. This is 195 euros including VAT and including reporting. Look for more information about inspections hierop. We use a travel time (back and forth) of no more than 1:15 hours for inspections. If you live further away, please get in touch! We are happy to help you.

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