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A garden is generally not a natural place for a tree, which is why the tree may cause nuisance or even pose a danger to local residents or traffic passing by the tree. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to adapt the figure of the tree to the situation. We do this carefully and we involve the interests of both the customer and the tree in the decision-making for the approach. With this we provide an environment where the customer feels safe, pleasant and refreshed and where the tree is still in beautiful and healthy condition and can last as long as possible.


Would you like to have a pleasant environment and still have a beautiful piece of nature in your garden? Please feel free to contact us or request a quote using the form below, and together we will look at how we can best care for your tree.

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Prune a tree? Outsource better…

If you have one or more trees, it is important to bear in mind that you have a duty of care and that they must be maintained. Many people think this is a breeze, but are disappointed. Expert pruning is characterized by, among other things, the involvement of a long-term vision. By hiring an expert, you have the peace of mind that the pruning is done in a professional and responsible manner, with respect for the health and well-being of the tree.

Boomverzorger is een vrij beroep, hierdoor komt het vaak voor dat een boom ondeskundig wordt behandeld. Om dit te voorkomen is door het European Arboricultural Council het European Tree Worker certificaat opgezet. Wij hebben een dergelijk certificaat.

We are a full service tree care company. You can contact us for all aspects.

Wij zijn het meest actief in Delft en omgeving. Maar we accepteren ook opdrachten elders in Nederland

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