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Safety as a first priority.

Working with trees is very often carried out at height, this is done climbing or with a cherry picker. Climbing into a tree or going up with a cherry picker naturally entails many risks, and can potentially pose a danger if you are careless. That is why the very first priority is safety, both for the professionals and for the bystanders and the environment. We work with the latest and safest equipment, and have our belay and climbing equipment inspected annually.

We usually carry out work within a radius of approximately 30 km from Delft. But tree care is tailor-made, because every tree is different and every situation is different, so we are happy to help you, even if your tree is not within this radius. If you are unsure whether I can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to contact me and we can discuss the possibilities.

From an early age I know how important it is to be close to nature. For me there is nothing more beautiful, natural and freer than an old and dark forest, ancient trunks and leaves with hundreds of different colors and shades from yellow-green to purple-red. I want to share the pleasure I experience in nature with as many people as possible and make it available to as many others as possible, so that we as humanity learn to enjoy, live and grow from nature. A large part of this is of course nature in our own garden. That is why I founded Rooibos Tree Care.

In our opinion, the profession of arborist is about caring for the world's trees with the highest degree of expertise. And that is why we are there for you and your trees.

If we do not carry out work alone, I often work with freelancers. Collaboration only takes place with people who can go along with Rooibos' vision in order to maintain our integrity and quality.


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