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Trees provide many benefits to their environment. This is also described as ecosystem services. This includes cooling, CO2 storage, water purification, water storage and biodiversity. Then we are not even talking about the positive effects on humans!


So it is always a good idea to plant a tree, but what kind of tree suits your garden and interests? Here are the steps we take in preparing and executing the planting.

  1. Right tree species: Choosing the right tree species is essential for tree conservation, so we are happy to help you with this process. We discuss with you what you want from your tree in the short and long term, assess the location and come up with any suggestions for suitable tree species with an eye for your interests and the growing location. If necessary, we can sort out the tree at the nursery to make sure you get what you want.


  1. Preparing the growing location: The chance of the tree taking root depends very much on the quality of the growing location. For example, nutrition, water supply, air supply and sufficient soil that can be rooted play an essential role in the survival of your tree. We can assess the location you have in mind and see what improvements can be made to give your tree the best chance.


  1. Execution: When all preparations have been made, the execution can begin. If necessary, we can move the trees to their location by hand, with a shovel or even with a crane. No tree is too big for us. We apply anchoring, this can be done both above ground and underground. This will keep the tree in good condition.


  1. Aftercare: If the tree is standing, not all the work has been done yet. We advise you on watering and caring for the tree in the years after planting. Depending on the location, it is wise to carry out a light pruning 3 years after planting to control growth and to anticipate the long-term preservation of the tree.
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