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Tree damage after a storm can range from broken branches to completely uprooted trees. Repairing this damage is important to ensure the health and safety of the trees and the surrounding area. Here are some steps that can be taken to repair tree damage after a storm:


Depending on the situation, there are different steps to take. If there is an acute danger due to, for example, a loose branch or uprooted tree, we recommend calling 112 immediately. If there is no acute danger, but there is a chance of damage and the tree is on your property? Then we recommend that you contact us. We can support you urgently and handle high-risk situations safely and responsibly. If the tree is on municipal land and there is no acute danger, we advise you to contact the municipality or parks department.


Once you see damage and have the right support called in, it is important to assess the damage: Carefully go over the trees and assess the extent of the damage. Look for broken branches, damaged trunks, uprooting or other visible signs of damage. Take photos and document the damage for insurance and repair purposes.

After the area has been made safe, there may still be a lot of material or waste present. It is important to remove this quickly to limit nuisance or other adverse consequences for the environment.

After the storm situation has been dealt with, it is important to think about what your long-term plan is for your tree, and to discuss and realize this. This way you can ensure that the tree can contribute to the environment in a more beautiful, safer and healthier way.

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