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Rooibos. When it comes to trees

Need tree care in Delft and surroundings?

Contact Rooibos Tree Care. A well cared for tree is a healthy, safe and beautiful tree.

Would you like to know what we can do for your tree in Delft and the surrounding area? Then get in touch.


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Trees are worth being cared for and treated by a professional. By choosing an expert you can prevent any damage to the tree or to the environment.
When it comes to monumental tree care, storm damage repair, planting trees, transplanting trees, pruning trees,
felling trees, removing stumps, inspecting trees or crown anchoring, we are ready for you!

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    Why Rooibos

    An eye for safety

    The first priority is safety, for those performing the work and for bystanders.

    European Tree Worker

    Rooibos works with certified European Tree Workers, skilled arborists.

    Delft and surroundings

    We mainly work locally in Delft, but every tree in the Netherlands is worth our attention.

    Full service tree care

    Pruning trees, felling trees, tree inspection, transplanting trees. Rooibos is full service.

    Free quote

    Hesitation about the possibilities and possible costs? Our quotes are non-binding and transparent.

    Apply for a permit

    We can advise and assist you in applying for the correct permits.

    The safest and healthiest tree is the one that gets the attention it deserves.

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    Brands and parties we work with