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It happens that trees are in unfavorable places or stand in the way of your (building) plans.
Then there are two options, you can have your tree cut down or you can have it transplanted. By replanting the tree, the value remains with the piece of land, you can still enjoy your tree, and you can enjoy the many advantages of an old
enjoy the tree.


A tree transplant is a complex undertaking, so there must be the right tools and material that are strong enough to carry or move the tree. But before the transplant takes place, a replantability study must first be carried out to assess whether the tree can be transplanted, and what actions still need to be taken to make this a success.


In addition, it may be wise to carry out a pruning, this pruning can take many forms
assume, sometimes it is necessary for the tree to be canted but
often a light intake of the crown is sufficient. This pruning ensures that the
tree does not evaporate more than its reduced root system can provide.


When the tree is in its new location, the work is not yet done. Careful aftercare must be carried out to ensure that the tree takes root well and can last for many years to come.


All sizes of trees can be transplanted, regardless of size and type. If proper preparation and aftercare take place, you can assume that the tree will be fine. In some cases, the condition of the tree may be so bad that it must be improved before the tree is suitable for transplanting. We are happy to think along with you about the replanting of your tree, and we can provide a clear overview of the possibilities, as well as the costs and benefits.

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